Creme Egg Disaster
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One layer.

Two layers.

Three layers! It's also starting to ooze, so I have to work fast.

Looks, erm, yummy no? After a couple of hearty mouthfuls of this, I choke half to death. Its like adding a syrup thats such unbelievably pure sweetness that it makes you want to gag, and I did. Still, the pancake element was really quite nice.

Also a quick warning, do not leave the Creme Egg Pancake to congeal for a couple of hours, or it'll look like this.

Ok, back to the other, unnamed pimp. After being frozen for a couple of hours its ready to come out. Suffice to say the chocolate, having mutated it with additives, has not set properly so again its vaguely cake-like and near-impossible to remove from the mould.

And there we have it. The Giant Creme Egg turned into hell on a pancake, and the solid chocolate egg is not at all egg-shaped, is a sloppy mess, but is extremely tasty and the creme egg in the middle is, I think, a nice touch.

Moral of the story: No pimp is ever truly a failure, just do something equally derranged with it instead.


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