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With the summer season upon us we felt it was time to take pimping to a whole new level and create a seasonal theme. We present to you what we believe to be the first ice cream ever to be pimped! Make way for the Collossus Cornetto!!!!!

To make a Colossal Cornetto you will need:

3 x tubs of icecream, the better quality stuff for the top (needs to be white not yellow)
1 x pack of chopped nuts
1 x bar of chocolate (although we bought 5 for snacking purposes)
4 x egg whites
1 x cup of flour
1 x cup of sugar
5 x tablespoons of melted butter

Total £8.66 (but we totally over estimated what we needed)

To start with beat the egg whites until they are stiff, or as Delia puts it "until it forms soft peaks". (Try to be very mature and not giggle at innuendos)

Fold in the sugar followed by the flour and butter. Pour onto a baking tray and spread thinly Cook for 3 minutes in a preheated oven (200C,400F, gas mark 6) Take out, burn fingers, try to make a grid mark on it, fail. Rush back to oven to avoid brittleness. Take out after 30 seconds, burn fingers again, score grid with knife, accidently make holes in it, return to oven. Take out a third time, burn fingers again, give up on grid marks and roll into cone shape, run fingers under tap. Then realise the cone has flattened and looks rubbish - go and have a cigarette to deal with stress (smoking kills!).

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