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Start again, spread batter thinly over a baking tray, bake in a pre heated oven (200C,400F, gas mark 6) for 1 minute. Place cooling rack over the still soft wafer, return to oven and bake for a further 2 minutes. Once golden brown (ish) take out, burn fingers, try to remove rack without tearing wafer and roll into cone shape. Try a variety of contraptions to hold cone shape: whisk, cardboard, hands, glasses, vase... but the best method appears to be an adapted plastic bottle placed in a glass.

Melt chocolate whilst working out a way to plug the hole in the bottom of the cone. Pour chocolate in to bung up the holes that remain. Paint inside of cone with chocolate. Place in the freezer and gorge yourself on melted chocolate and first attempt of wafer. Mmmmmm!

Stuff with slightly melted ice cream, fill almost to the top. Spend an hour deliberating the next step whilst gorging on more chocolate. Decide the simple approach is the best and place paper around cone to hold shape while ice cream is filled further using an icing pipe for precision. Place back in freezer.

Once hardened make pretty ice cream pattern on top, slightly off centre for authenticity. (Still upholding a mature attitude and holding back the giggles.) Place back in good damn freezer. Once pattern has hardened drizzle melted chocolate, try to avoid melting the ice cream pattern, and sprinkle chop nuts over to serve. Admire handy work and consider career as chef!... eat more chocolate.

Try to take final photographs when battery dies on camera and replace the collosus cornetto in the freezer. Leave in the freezer for the next two months because you are too unorganised to meet up and take the final photos. Finally meet up once the summer is virtually over to take the final photos.

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