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After fighting the temptation of all the pimping possibilities displayed on Tesco’s shelves, our first idea of a monster double-choc chip cookie was just too irresistible.

200g SR flour
180g Dark chocolate (after munching on a few bits)
200g Margarine
4 tbsp Milk
100g Cocoa
4 tbsp Golden syrup
150g Dark brown sugar
1 pack compulsory double choc cookies for size comparison (and to keep the munchies at bay)

Estimated cost: £4.00

Firstly, cream together marg and sugar until “light and fluffy” (getting the elbows working), then add the syrup, flour, cocoa, milk and chocolatey chunks, leaving some to put on top.

Give it some welly with the spoon.

Cover the oven tray with tin foil and a sheet of greaseproof paper.

Dollop the mixture onto the tray and spread into cookie shape with a pallet knife (or perhaps a cement trowel if that’s all you have). Don’t spread it right to the edge, it may end up a bit squiffy.

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