Colossus Cola Bottle
by for £4.74

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Family share bottle of cola - £1.25
Lemonade – 99p
Vege Gel - £2.50

Four adults deciding at 10.30 at night to make a Colossus Cola bottle –

Picture the scene….its Bank Holiday Sunday, a meal has ensued and several hours of drinking and frivolity has resulted in a mention of Pimp That Snack. Four friends are on a mission…

After much discussion the consensus is to pimp a cola bottle. This has been discussed in many forums, cogitated over and considered, but now is the time to prove the doubters wrong, a giant cola bottle can be made – oh yes, we’ve worked out how!

We have moved from melting together a thousand cola bottles, creating a mould from cardboard, wood (yes wood!) and then finally the family share cola bottle.

A late night trip to the open all hours off license and a rummage around the pantry to discover vege gel and we are all set…

First step – work our quantities – 125 cl liquid to two packet of vege gel, poured said amount of coke into pan and added vege gel

Brought mixture to boil, then allow to cool for 10 mins… the essential taste test is made, and yes it tastes SWWWWEEEEET…then pour into mould, after cutting screw top section of empty plastic bottle off first to allow for easy pouring. (Warning – ideally this should not be done by the bloke who has had the most to drink!)

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