Colossal Vanilla Slice
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The making of the custard took a very long time - we had to make the custard 3 litres at a time. Unfortunately, work wouldn’t give me and the Pimp-master any snack related leave, so it took three nights after work to get the six batches of custard done.

Once the mould was filled with wobbly custard, we made another layer of pastry, which we placed on top of the custard. Now normally, the slice is topped with vanilla icing only, but we decided to give the slice some extra pimping with some raspberry jam swirls. Note the trowel like icing applicator.

The unveiling of the slice came at the birthday party of Uncle Noel, who was our faithful kitchen bitch throughout this journey. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make the most of this party, as I am sure we received a hernia from lifting this 20kg monster.

We shared the custardy love between the people at work, who actually enjoyed our pimped vanilla slice. For now, I never want to see another damn vanilla slice in my time, or even any custard for that matter. But we put in the hard yards for a bit of Aussie pimping pride….. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

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