Colossal KitKat
by for £60.00

I made this Colossal Kit Kat using 1.5 pound packs of Almond Bark (18 of them to be exact!).  Plus I added six bags of Loacker Quadratini sugar wafers.  Even though the sugar wafers took up half the volume,  they only put about 3 pounds into this thing.  The other 27 pounds is the chocolate! 

This creation cost me about $100 USD.  It's 28 inches long (until I cut it anyhow), weighs 30 pounds, and contains 72,000 calories. 

I molded this caloric nightmare from a flower box bought at a local hardware store.  When asked what I was planting,  I said "nothing at all"...  My old boss suggested I make three more and melt them together to make a complete pack.  I chucked but maybe I should have!

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