Colossal Cookie
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With the mixing finally finished I lined the biggest baking tray we had with greaseproof paper and plopped the mixture in the middle, making it nice androundish.

Put it the oven at 180c for 5 mins, then take it out and tap the tray to flatten out the mixture. Also, if you enjoy your chocolate like me, add more chunks on top. Put it back in the oven for 10 more mins.

Thats it! all thats left to do now is let it cool for about 5 hours, and eat it, in one bite if possible, then again prehaps not.

Regular Cookie:-
Kcal - 51
Carbohydrate - 7.9g
Fat - 1.9g

Colossal Cookie:-
Kcal - 8008
Carbohydrate - 942g
Fat - 396g      
Not to worry though, tastes good thats all that matters.

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