Colossal Caramel XMas Log
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After melting enough milk chocolate to fill Loch Ness we got to sloshing it over the wafer. Once it was evenly-ish covered we liberally sprinkled with coconut; once all sides were finished, we stood back and admired the fruit of our labour. Beautiful. A masterpiece of pimping. A testament to what could be achieved in a single Sunday afternoon.

Whilst our baby was given a final chance to rest and glue itself together, we set ourselves the task of creating a monster wrapper – you would have thought that two engineers would be capable of a simple scaling exercise, unfortunately you would be wrong. Much bodging later and the beast lay slumbering in its giant gold paper wrapping. Becky and I retired to finish off the mulled wine and wonder what our work mates would make of the gift we had so lovingly created from them.

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