Coco-Chanel Boost
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Now the toffee square goes into the freezer till it is the right consistency for wrapping.

While the toffee is setting I melt about a third of the chocolate to make a base using the tried and tested bowl over a pan of hot water method. All goes well and I pour this out into a tinfoil mould (Luckily the tiny bit I had left was just the right size.)

Chocolate now goes into the freezer. I test the toffee and it seems about the right consistency for wrapping. It and the coconut sausage come out of the freezer.

Wrapping now commences:

and it goes back in the freezer.

Some time later, I check on everything in the freezer; the chocolate is nice and hard and the coconut and toffee sausage seems right too so out it comes and I start to take the paper off.

Disaster, it might be greaseproof but it certainly isn't toffee proof; this paper is well and truly stuck. After trying, unsuccessfully, to peel/pick/scrape it off, I decide the only way is to slice it off, along with a slither of my precious toffee.

I get there in the end, and I find as the toffee defrosts a little it does peel off a bit. Anyway, while doing this, I realise that the toffee doesn't meet on the top.

However, with the inspiration from cutting off the paper, I hit on a patchwork idea, so a little bit of cut and paste later, I now have a toffee covered coconut sausage.

It's started to melt a bit now, so I put it in the freezer whilst I melt the chocolate for the top. Once the chocolate is ready, I put everything together.

So, after a couple of layers of chocolate later, ensuring I get it to be the all important 'Slightly Rippled with a Flat Underside'. I end up with this. (Glucose-laden Boost for comparison.)

and finally, the obligatory cross-section.


Boost used for comparison 60.5g, 11cm x 3cm
Pimped Coconut Boost 1950g, 27cm x 8cm
Ratios: Weight: 32:1; Size: 2.5:1

I also have left over, ½ can of condensed milk and about a third of the chocolate - think I might make a toffee and chocolate cheesecake for Sunday lunch. I also didn't need to icing sugar as I found plenty in the cupboard when I went to put it away. So taking away the stuff I didn't use/need and the additional items, I reckon the real cost was about £8.50.

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