Chocolate Cornquake Muvva
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Here is a pimp that my whole family enjoyed helping with.

Each photo is named by stage number and the final picture is Chocolate Cornquake Muvva.

We decided on a Chocolate Cornflake Cake as we thought it would be quite easy to make and would not take a lot of time, OH HOW WRONG WE WERE, it took us over 2 hours to make this Monster.

Stage 1


1000g Milk Chocolate Cake Covering
750g Cornflakes

Total cost £7.50

Stage 2

We flattened out a paper cake case to see how it was made.

Stage 3

Designed the paper case cake on the Computer, to get the pattern just so!, Printed and cut out.

Stage 4

Stick the paper cake case together using sellotape.

Stage 5

Paper cake case once it had been cut out and stuck together.

Stage 6

We then pleated the paper cake case, looks simple but this took about 20 minutes just to pleat.

Stage 7

PHEW!! The paper case is now designed, printed, cut out, stuck together and Pleated. WOOHOO!!!

Stage 8

We then melted the first third of the chocolate.

Stage 9

Added the Cornflakes to the chocolate and stirred in until all covered.

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