Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle
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The final part of what had gone from a snack to a meal in such a short time, is the sachet of tomato sauce. This is going to require more than a sachet, this is going to need something extra special. So I turn to the fridge, and pull out something that we pimped earlier.

This may look like a normal bottle of ketchup, and it was, once. These days, this is a very special bottle of Ketchup, it lives in my fridge, and everyone I know is too scared to eat it. It is difficult to tell from the photo, but what looks like marks on the bottle are actually shades of a much deeper red. This is from when my friend Alan mixed in a very small quantity of an extremely hot chilli sauce. This was imported by Alan himself, and one drop really does burn your mouth, throat and eyes (!) for hours. This ketchup is now lethal, and everyone is too scared to even look at it. Including me. so it’s going back in the fridge. Sorry.

So, it’s finished. And there we are, a “Pimp Noodle” and surprisingly, it doesn’t taste too bad. If I had to make a criticism, I’d say that whilst delicious, it doesn’t actually taste too much like the real thing (unlike my PimpKat which was beautiful, and was every bit as good as the real thing, only bigger). However, it was very tasty, and as a first attempt at a cooked pimped-out snack, it’s one more thing that I’ll be proud of, even if it does give me Bird- Flu.

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