Caramel Hand
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Cadbury's Fingers are, well, a bit rubbish. Boring, small, yet nice none the less. They could be pimped up a bit.

Nah, something still missing. Oh, wait, the CARAMEL ones are ace. And quite blingin'.

But that's still not quite right. You know, we need a whole HAND.


Biscuit Base:
3oz Flour
3oz Sugar
3oz Margarine

2oz Sugar
1oz Butter
A little milk

1-2 bars of Tesco Value dark cooking chocolate

Cost: ~£5

Here we see the natural habitat of Homo Studensis Cantabrigiensis. Note the collection of clutter in the periphery, the computer, the packet of ice cream wafers awaiting a pimp, and a battered copy of Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Collection. Sham on!

Let me tell y'all what's it's like, being male, middle-class, and white. It's grease proof paper if you don't believe, tracin' round my pimpin' hand.

Too busy pimpin' to take a shot of the biscuit mix, but it's then shaped into the handy hand shape, with a dip in the palm bit - we'll need that later, mo' fo's.

In da hood, er oven, for 15/20 mins on a blingin' 190 Centigrade! Big it up for the East Anglia Massive until golden brown.

Tasty tasty! Me shorty will love the shortybread.

It's bubblin' a hot hot hot caramel!

It's looking good! Proper chewyness comin'.

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