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I pity the foo' who's caramel ain't down with it.

So while I think of a new way to fix the caramel, spread the chocolate (which has been nuked on High) on the base. Leave it chillin' in the fridge. (Do some General Relativity Examples Papers while you wait)

Mix you milk with my caramel, milky milky goo. A bit of milk (or cream if you're extra bling) gets the caramel back on course.

Here's that dip now filled, and some spread on the fingers. Proper face-of-bo. Chillax it for a while.

Here, CantabSnacks went out for the night, to the venerable Cambridge Union Society for another entertaining debate. There was much rejoicing. And there may have been some consumption of this new-fangled alkyhol. But not much. We students don't drink, no sir we don't like the taste.

Spread delicious tasty melted chocolatey goodness over the hand, it's looking proper west side, heavy hit (of calories) after heavy hit. Chill with the homies, maybe do a little Nuclear Physics, or just go to the pub.


Final step: invite your shorty round and finger her (or thumb, it's all got that biscuitycaramelly goodness.) Don't forget obligatory cross section. Can you see the tasty caramel? No? Well, it is there.

No comparison, 'cause 'The Man' at Sainsbury's don't sell 'em. However, it's as big as my hand, foo'. WIKID INNIT!

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