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I had promised myself at the begining of my senior year that I would make myself a giant Pop-Tart before I graduate and bring it to school. After a massive spell of procrastination, fifthteen days before graduation, it was time to bake. Yes I know. Its been done. But why not try blueberry this time INSTEAD of strawberry? The Boom-Tart was ready to be born.

The Ingredients:
1 3lb pack of Ready-Dough
2 Boxes (16 oz. each) of Powdered Sugar
2 Jars (12 oz. each) of Blueberry Preserves
1 Jar Molasses
1 Pack of Sprinkles
Vanilla Extract
LOTS of Flour
Some Granualated Sugar
Butter-Flavored Cooking Spray

A few of the ingredients didn't show up in the picture because I forgot. Oh well. I couldnt find any kind of pastry dough or pastry dough mix, and lacked the time to make it from scratch, so I had to make do with bread dough, which worked just fine. Also, for the record, I HATE cooking spray. Its disgusting. I only used it to hold the flour to the pan and it was swiftly disposed of.

Anyways... There it was... three semi-thawed blocks of bread dough... boy was I in for it. There was another picture of me having smashed the dough in
a bowl and having mixed in sugar aswell, but my camera is stupid.

This part was fun... or atleast interesting to say the least. Open a jar of blueberry preserves and hold it out over an empty bowl. See how far you get without a spoon... nowhere. Thats right. No amount of banging, tapping or aggrevated shaking will get any more than a single molecule of this stuff out of the jar.

I fetched a spoon and mixed in a few spoons of Instant-Mess Malasses, only to find that it was more watery than the jam itself. I was frustrated. It was also bitter, and on my foot. To conterbalance the molasses, a bit of sugar is added, as well as 60 percent of the second jar. Save the rest for a sandwich because even whats in the bowl will leave leftovers... for a more desertish sandwich, giving you TWO sandwiches in one. Good deal!

While the filling was thickening, it was time to prepare the dough. I sprayed the pan with the ozone-devouring asherent and coated it with flour.

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