Bloomin' Big Happy Face Biscuit
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I must admit, I hadn't heard of this site until I saw the segment about it on the F-Word, but after I checked it out I couldn't get the thought of massive biscuits out of my head.

As a woman and a mother I know a LOT about biscuits, mostly how to devour a whole packet in one go, so I decided to go on a mission and pimp a massive biscuit of my very own - it's a mother's job, right?

But what could I make? Trawling through my cupboards I came across the perfect subject, a Jacob's Happy Face Biscuit - a favourite of both mine and my children's.

The ingredients for the whole biscuit were:

Half a jar of Raspberry Jam (seedless)
500g Icing Sugar (for the filling)
800g Soft Marg or Butter (depending on finances of course)
300g Caster Sugar
1kg 50g Plain Flour

Total cost: About £5

I decided to make the biscuit mixture in two halves, so if the 1st lot went wrong I would only be wasting half the mixture.

To make each biscuit I put 300g marg into a bowl and beat until soft, then I added 150g of caster sugar and I beated it again until it was fluffy (i.e. you cant tell the difference between the marg and the sugar). Finally I mixed in 525g of plain flour, a bit at a time (and although, as a mother, I encouraged my 7 year old to have a go at the mixing, maybe this wasn't the right time cos she/the kitchen/me ended up like a snow storm!!)

When all the flour was in, the mixture resembled a dough. I rolled out the dough and cut out a large circle (I used a dinner plate) and then baked it in the oven on a floured baking tray, gas 4, for about 30 mins until it was cooked.

When it was cooked I carefully, I mean REALLY carefully slid the biscuit onto a wire rack to cool and then made the 2nd batch of dough in exactly the same way.

Now, I decided to use a real Happy Face Biscuit to copy a face from, so I bought a packet of the biscuits. But it wasn't until I opened the pack that I (and my 7 year old assistant) realised that there are 6 different expressions to choose from!!! What a dilema!!!

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