Billionaire's shortbread
by for £6.00

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9. Put the biscuit back in the tin and pour on the toffee type stuff and place in the fridge until its set.

10. Melt all the chocolate over some boiling water, being careful not to eat too much. (I had to go and buy more for this reason) Pour it over the biscuit and toffee middle and put it back in the fridge.

11. When it is set take it out of the tin and add some 24 carat gold (not cheap stuff from the market) for decoration.

This monster snack weighs in at a huge 3 kilos, making the 80g cheap immitation look rubbish. Sir Alan Sugar would be proud!

Just an afterthought, please do not sue me if you swallow a ring or somethimg, that would be your own stupid fault.

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