Biglets 2
by for £33.34

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Twiglet Originals 89p
"M" Baguettes 65p x 4
Large Marmite £3.98
Selection of premium Belgian beers. £25.87

Total cost £33.34

Aaaaaah!!! 3 days in planning, a fridge full of beer and an evening of stinking marmitey toil only to find somebody has beaten us too it, we should have posted our pics that night and we would have been first! And they even had the nerve to call them Biglets. Still a bit of competition never hurt, and at least we have the biggest pile. To think that across the country in a far off home, somebody was Bigletting just as we were!

The task ahead, to Big Up our favorite snack the Twiglet. You either love em or hate em, and now with a house stinking of marmite and with sticky Biglet marmite crumbs in every nook and cranny of the kitchen we are siding with the latter, at least for the time being. We thought this would be a simple piece of fun, but with after an evening of toil and with what looks like poo stains all over our clothes we have learned our lesson.

The ingredients were gathered together, and we assembled our mini pile of the savioury snack, in order that we could recreate it exactly in gargantuan proportion. We carved painstakinly through the half baked baguettes so each mirrored it's miniature counterpart.

These were baked at gas mark 7 for 6 minutes on each side.

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