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We decided to pimp a KitKat Chunky, although there are 2 others already, we thought we could do better in honour of this fabulous snack! We wanted to go BIG.


30 x Saisbury’s Luxury Belgian Milk Chocolate
3 x ScotBlok Chocolate Flavour Cake Covering
6 x Loacker Quadratini chocolate wafers
1 x Wallpaper dipping trough
1 x Sticky backed vinyl floor tile

Vital statistics

Size L 59cm x W 17cm x H12cm
45,888 Calories
1860g saturated fat
1120 Weight Watchers points ( this equates to 3 months worth of a daily allowance for a woman)

Cost £36.42

Day 1.

We cut out the KitKat logo from the floor tile and stuck it to the bottom of the trough ( in reverse ). Melted about 1 third of the chocolate and poured it into the mould.

The kids have never seen so much melted chocolate before!

Day 2

The chocolate set over night. Next stage was to arrange the wafers in five layers along the chocolate.

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