Ben and Jerrys Sandwich
by for £14.00

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Average retail price of a ‘Wich: £1.49

Pimped ‘Wich: £14 (all of our pocket money)


1kg Pure margarine
2,25kg Sainsbury’s Basics Self Raising Flour
1.8Kg Caster Sugar
1kg Sainsburys’ Basics Plain Chocolate
1 bottle of Vanilla Essence.
2kg of Swedish Glace Vanilla flavoured non-dairy ice-cream.

We bought but didn’t use because we are silly:

1litre Sainsburys’ basics Soya milk
500g Molasses

The ‘Wich resides amongst the lost chocolate snacks of the chocolate snack forest, a ‘Wich consists of two scrummy cookies groping a voluptuous slice of ice-cream. We decided to make this pimp vegan because animals are quality. We started our divine quest at 3.30pm on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, spending a glorious two hours searching for vegan ice-cream. Finally we had all the ingredients in the picture below:

But we didn’t need half of what we bought. So maybe we’ll make two!

Part 1, The Industrious Stage: Sieve the two and a half kilo’s of flour and mix the margarine and sugar into a ‘paste’. Sugary buttery paste? Look at the joy it brings to his face. Also, Delia Smith must have arms like tree trunks, because it really, really hurt.

Part 2, cookie dough yummyness: Mix the above ingredients together (plus those chunky chocolaty chunky chocolate chunks) into a beautiful pillow of cookie dough.

Part 4, The Construction of the Cookie: Here you can see a giant mutant cookie next to its puny predecessor. What does everyone else use for a rolling pin? We resorted to a thermos flask to attack our mighty mountain of doughy goodness L.

Part 5, To The Oven!: We made bets on how long it would take in the oven, the woman lost! (she’s not in the picture..). It took forty minutes of awkward silence and anticipation before our cookie was ready for the big wide world.

Part 6, DISASTER STRIKES!!: Our Cookie exploded! Not all of the cookie made it as it decided to ooze its way over the sides of our baking tray like the scary purple goo in Ghostbusters. It was about half seven by now and we had spent four and a half hours constructing this goliath, we weren’t about to be defeated by this minor setback however..

Part 7, The Cookie Was Born: We discovered a knife and performed more surgery on our cookie and crafted it into the perfect base for our ‘Wich.

We got our euphoria back after we had our cookie catastrophe, and we were spurred on to create the top cookie for our masterpiece.

Pure beauty.

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