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After many missed opportunities: Fondant Fancy’, the ‘Iced Gem’, the ‘Flying Saucer’ to list but a few, we decided to pimp the ‘Feast’ ice-cream before we were beaten to it.

After tossing the idea around for a while, we decided that the first port of call was to the hardware store. And so we headed out on a journey of discovery. Here we selected the perfect piece of wood for the role of the lolly stick. The nice nice man in the hardware store understood our plight and offered his services in creating the perfect pimped out feast. With our stick sporting new rounded edges, it was all ready to become part of the dream.

Destination: Supermarket. This was the first of the four journeys to a supermarket that were essential to the pimping process.

Met with the devastation of our 24 hour Tesco not having any chocolate ice cream we headed to Asda where we picked up the essentials for our monster. We raced through the checkout and then home, only to discover that we had left the customised lolly stick at the checkout. We quickly checked for the phone number for our local Asda, and rang them up describing the calamity; however we reached a wrong number, thus confusing an old women who disputed we had left our lolly stick at her checkout.

We safely retrieved the lolly stick and took it home to prepare out feast. It was on this voyage of discovery that we were faced with the cruel truth that a feast, despite popular opinion to the contrary is not made with nuts, but in fact biscuit. .

We had to ensure that the creation was proportionally correct. This involved a lot of geometrical calculations.


We made our mould; obviously to scale. This took a lot of precise mathematical calculations.
The moulds were made with several monster sized cereal boxes lined with cling film. This allowed a clean turn out.


To make the giant chocolate lolly, that is the heart of the feast, we melted four 300g bars of chocolate flavoured cake covering over a pan of water and poured it into the mould with the lolly stick pushed through the lolly stick flap specifically designed for its entry.

Step 3

Rich tea was the biscuit of choice; it was crushed and added to the chocolate flavoured cake covering we had selected from our friendly Asda store. This created the bobbly effect required for the shell of the feast. It was poured into its mould. Each side of the beast took half a packet of rich tea biscuits and two 300g bars of the chocolate flavoured cake covering we were growing to love so much.

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