Beast Feast
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Step 4

To create the sides of the gargantuan ice cream delight, we had to make another visit to the supermarket to pick up so more of the chocolate flavoured cake covering, and rich tea. This time a simple trip to Tesco fulfilled our pimping needs.

The side panels of our feast took two packets of the 300g chocolate flavoured cake covering and half a packet of biscuits of the rich tea persuasion. This was formed in two simple strips, recycling an earlier used mould. It is always important to think about the environment when pimping.

Step 5

The outer shell of the feast was ready to be secured together to create a reciprocal for the ice cream to lie in; covering the chocolate lolly like a giant sleeping bag, except keeping it cold rather then warm. For this task we had to introduce another ingredient at such a late stage in the game. It is what I like to call chocolate glue. (It is more commonly known as monster crackling sauce, enjoyed on ice cream the nation over)

Step 6

Ice cream was smothered into the shell. First a thick layer to rest the lolly in. We then built the ice cream around it packing it into the crevices of the structure, with all the technical grace of a bricklayer with 30 years experience.

Step 7

The front of the feast was placed on top of the chocolate extravaganza, thus completing the pimp.

Step 8

Enjoy before the ice cream melts all over your work surfaces.

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