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A DT teacher recommended us to this site and within ten minutes of being on the site we had to make something. After loads of thinking we came up with a giant bakewell tart. Now the idea was born but when to make it...Luckily study leave for GCSEs was only a week away so we gradually collected the ingredients from our houses and the rest was got on a skateboard and mini-scooter ride to Asda in the pouring rain. Now we had the ingredients it was time to become snack pimps!

To make:
Glace cherries
Icing sugar
Self raising flour
Pre-made short crust pastry (because we are lazy)
Caster sugar
Cherry jam

First we had to defrost the pastry which was more like a delicious brick at this when we got it back to the kitchen, so we put it in the microwave and hey presto. When we started rolling it out we realised the microwave had done something weird, the outsides where really squidgy and warm but the insides remained cold and harder, luckily we still manager to roll it out.

At the same time the cooking pot was being prepared with greaseproof paper and lashings of flora pro active butter (although is still don’t think the bake well was good for our health)

Yet another thing happening at the same time the sponge was being made for the last layer. Due to a lack of scales all weights were being estimated.

Once the base for the pastry had been rolled out and put inside the pot we gave up on making the sides in one piece and so an elaborate patchwork of pastry was made which turnt out really quite even.

Now came the mammoth task of the icing, it took one and half bags of icing sugar and god knows how much water to make a big ole bowl of icing, this was no ordinary bowl of icing it was a pimped bowl of icing which basically meant you could drown in it, it was that freaking deep!

When the sponge came out of the oven it was ugly, and I mean really ugly. It had been stabbed with a knife one too many times to see if it was done and this had created a volcano of sponge with liquid sponge oozing from a gash in the top. Not pretty. How could we use this monstrosity we wondered until one of us stumbled on the blender. A quick whisk later and we had a nice pile of sponge in tiny pieces.

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