Bakehell Tart
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At round about the same time the pastry base was removed from the oven and it looked and smelled good but it was very crumbly and weak. What a sight, a humongous pastry base almost breaking under its on weight.

After o so carefully removing it from the cooking pot and putting on a plate we spread almost a whole pot of jam on the base, I say almost because we had the national jam eating champion with us. After we spread the jam we then put the crumbly sponge bits on top and patted them down.

Then came the lashings of icing poured all over the top of this monstrosity, and then the thing to make it all perfect...the singular glace cherry. Due to the ridiculous proportions of this thing the cherry looked rather lonely on top and we considered adding more cherries, but cherries don’t have feelings so we didn’t.

And here is the "must be done" cross section because it would be breaking tradition to not have one.

At a whopping 6420 calories approximately this is not normal bake well tart, we sliced it up and tried to eat it in bowls of 900 calorie portions, it made everyone feel sick apart from Luke, he devoured just over 2 bowls, a whopping 2000 calories and then started shaking then fell asleep. The whole day can be summed up in the wise words of a father, "should'nt you be looking at my porn insted of baking?"

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