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I have been viewing this site for months and months on end, however could never decide what would make a great pimp. So when the opportunity arrived to make a massive cake for my Year 11 prom, I could think of no better reason to getting pimping.

So, the next question was, what design should the cake have? It didn't take long to come to the decision that I should recreate the school badge, but in cake form. Henceforth the "Badge Of All Badges" was born.


24oz Castor Sugar
24oz Margarine
12 Eggs
24oz Self-Raising Flour
150ml Double Cream
1 Jar Raspberry Jam
A WHOLE LOT OF "Ready to Roll" Icing
Icing Sugar for dusting
Apricot Jam/Glaze

Making the Sponge cake:

Firstly, I creamed the sugar and margarine together in a large bowl until light and fluffy (Note To Self: When using an electric hand whisk, try doing multiple smaller batches to avoid the whisk overheating and burning your hand)

Then I mixed in the beaten eggs, adding flour whenever the mixture began to curdle. Once mixed I folded in the rest of the flour along with any flavourings.

After crafting the greaseproof paper around the largest and deepest baking tray I could find, I tipped the mixture into the tray and then baked for about an hour at 180C.

Decoration-Creating The Badge:

After wrestling with the tray to remove the cake (this proved to be a tougher task than expected due to the indented handles) I left the cake to cool.

While it was cooling I drew the up scaled version of the badge on to greaseproof paper to create a template and then cut them out. Once the cake had cooled down I cut out the basic badge shape, sliced the cake in half and placed the two halves aside.

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