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So, with the filling perfected-ish, it was time to make the shell!! Whilst listening to Kazakhstan dance music we set out all the stuff and began lining the tin, first with grease and then with greaseproof paper. Alice’s mum had suggested cutting the paper into strips – a thin one for the lengthways, then some sort of bowtie-shape for the widthways, meaning the tin’s corners are covered.

Of course, it was only AFTER the chocolate – real expensive Belgian chocolate that Emma had got hold of!! – was slopped in did we realise that, hmm, maybe the paper needs taping down. We planned to cover the bottom with about ½ inch of chocolate, and the sides with ¼. So over the course of the next week, whenever we had a spare evening we came into the kitchen to slop on another layer or two. In the end we had six layers, and the thing looked gorgeous in itself.

So it was filling time!! A bar of Belgian and two rows of Cadbury’s (to make up the eight rows we needed) was melted in the mic, and 150ml of fresh gloopy double cream was slopped in.

And mixed up. With 1½ capfuls of vanilla essence, and a couple of spoonfuls of vanilla sugar. It’s great stuff and you can make your own by sticking a couple of vanilla pods in a jar with some caster sugar and leaving it for six months. Time for the blender again, and we FINALLY opened the Vahine praline powder...

...and after a bit of blender-wrangling with spoons we mixed up the beauty and spooned it into the case.

The next day we melted YET ANOTHER bar of chocolate and made the base!! Only two layers this time; we needed it for tomorrow to bring up to feed hungry nerds, so we also found a suitable tray.

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