1000 Grand Bar
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Taking it back out of the freezer, it looked like the chocolate the caramel had remelted had frozen again, so I melted down more chocolate to pour on the top.

For the top layer I had to add the Rice Krispies, so I grabbed a handful or two and mixed them in.

Because the Rice Krispies took up so much space, it only took two or three bowlfuls of chocolate to cover the top.

Then it was finished. I just had to put it back in the freezer. I decided to sprinkle a few more rice krispies on top. I'm not sure why, and now I wish I'd just left it the way it was, so there weren't bright spots on the top.

Then I stuck it in the freezer. About an hour and a half later, I took it back out and noticed that the bottome was still a little melted, but also so thin that the caramel was poking out. I poured another layer of chocolate into the container and stuck the almost-finished bar back on top.

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