Toffee Crisp 4
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Ingedients: 10bars of chocolate, toffee, rice snaps and a toffee crisp for comparison. We ended up having to buy a few more bars of chocolate, as we unfortunately we hadn’t anticipated the amount we would need, for the outer coating as well. N.B. The bottle of bells was for “motivational” purposes.

Having melted our chocolate we set about making the outer case for our toffee crisp, following a bit of ingenuity involving an empty cereal box to create and orifice for the crispy bit we managed this

We got a bit caught up in the excitement of our pimping projects, so unfortunately there are no pictures of us making the crispy part of our pimp. We melted some toffee, butter and chocolate together and added the rice snaps, mixed them all together and put them into the waiting outer case of the toffee crisp. We then put a layer of chocolate on to seal the toffee crisp.

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