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What do you do when someone gives you an onion the size of your head? We're talking 3.6 kilos of pure onion, that's 8 pounds if you don't do euro. It's a lot of onion. And about the only thing you can make with a lot of onion is... onion soup, right? Wrong! You can pimp the biggest onion rings you've seen this side of Texas.

The giant onion came from a friend of a friend who has an allotment. Long story. Not the sort of thing you'll find in Sainsburys, in fact you'll have to trawl a fair few agricultural shows if you ever want to try this recipe.

You'll need: 1 giant onion, 2 eggs, 1.5 cups of flour, 1 cup of milk, a teaspoon of salt and a lot of vegetable oil.

Start by mixing the eggs, flour, milk and salt until it forms a batter. If your courage fails you, you can make pancakes with this mix :-)

Now peel the onion. You will need a very large knife and a box of tissues. Big onion, big bloody smelly onion. We had to keep it in the shed after we got it. And the outside bits got a bit gooey, eeeugh. Nevertheless, we soldiered on.

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