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Earlier in the year a friend made me a pretty big flapjack for my birthday. Now it was time for his birthday, and with Pimp That Snack as inspiration, his had to be even bigger..


Porridge oats - 2 x 1kg 1.14
Butter - 500g 0.57
Soft margarine -500g 0.45
Light brown sugar -1kg 1.59
Golden Syrup -1 tin 0.66
Raisins -500g 0.64
Glace cherries -400g 1.80
Desiccated coconut -250g 0.60
Milk chocolate -400g 1.00
Dark chocolate -400g 1.00
Dairy toffees -2 bags 0.98

Total cost £9.45


Melt the butter and margarine. Add a load of golden syrup (about 2/3rds of the tin)

Add the sugar

Stir in the oats. Put half the mixture into another bowl and add the raisins, spoon into baking tins

To the remaining half add most of the glace cherries and a load of desiccated coconut to taste

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