XXL Hobnob
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4 packets of plain HobNobs
500g Cadburys Milk Choc
Sainsbury Butterlicious

Tea and biscuits is arguably the quintessential English past-time, with the bad boy of all dunking biscuits being the chocolate HobNobs. But today we, the WMC have taken the dunkability to the extreme….it’s time to up the ante.

Step 1: Crush the ‘Nobs

Initial feelings were that blending would be the speedy way to go, but this ended in tears. We then resorted to Thor’s Mighty Hammer and the arm of Jeezy, who proceeded to smash to ‘Nobs to oblivion in a bowl.

Step 2: Forming the XXL ‘Nob

We used the power of a microwave to melt some butter which we added to the crushed ‘Nobs to form the uber knobbly crunchy biscuit base.

Step 3: Sculpting the biscuit of dreams

Phase 3 involved compressing the biscuity goodness into the mould in order to form the XXL HobNob.

Once more Thor’s Mighty Hammer was employed in the process

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