Wagon Wheel 2
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The two biscuits were put together and the chocolate nuked because doing it the same way as the marshmallows would have taken an age more than we could be arsed with...

At this point, people had to retire for work the next day and the W7 allowed to set. It was completed the next day and a mission commenced to locate a comparison product. Unfortunately we were only able to locate chocolate wagon wheels, but they'll do and we feel the mark on the packaging claiming "SIZE MATTERS" is quite appropriate.

For extra scale, this is a standard wheel for the classic mini (10*5 Mamba if anyone cares).

Proof that this is a biscuit - not a cake

All done, that's one hefty wagon wheel which deserves a name to suit. It actually tasted pretty much like a wagon wheel too.

Job's a good'un

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