Vast-ennese Whirl
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For each whirl: 40 ounces butter, 50 ounces flour, 10 ounces icing sugar
Plus: one jar strawberry jam and 12 ounces butter, 6 ounces icing sugar for the buttercream icing
We also purchased two pizza trays to bake them on.

Approximate cost: £9.66 (plus £7.98 for tins)

Having scoured the Pimp That Snack site for something as yet unmade we decided to produce a pimped up Viennese Whirl.  We decided to make this much maligned patisserie of the Austro-Hungarian royalty for our work’s Macmillan Coffee Morning – the world’s largest Viennese Whirl for the world’s largest coffee morning.

Firstly, we measured out the ingredients for one whirl and lined the tins with greaseproof paper.

We then got to work with Laura’s trusty hand-held mixer, creaming butter and sugar. This promptly started to whir alarmingly and smoke under the strain of beating this record-breaking delight.

We switched to a wooden spoon. This proved tough work and we abandoned the spoon in favour of our hands.

The flour was sifted in.and, after much kneading, it came together beautifully.

It was shaped in the tin and artistically fashioned into a whirl by Claire.

We then repeated the exercise to make another whirl.

These were baked at 150ºC for 1 ½ hours and we went out for fish suppers as they were cooking.

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