Upside-Down Toffee Crisp
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The Upside Down Toffee Crisp by Cindii

After my sister's suggestion of pimping a snack at 2am to relieve my insomnia/boredom, I decided to leave the idea until the morning/afternoon. As I was a bit strapped for cash, I browsed the site for the cheapest pimps,
which I narrowed down to a Freckle and a Toffee Crisp. I compared the costs and decided on the Toffee Crisp.

So it was off to the local Tesco Express to buy the ingredients:

500g Value Chocolate (+ 200g bought later on) £1.35 (+54p)
A packet of Toffee Dessert Sauce £1.35
Bag of cheap chocolate rice snap things 66p
2 Toffee Crisps 90p

TOTAL = £4.80

First job was to melt the first 2 bars of chocolate. My first choice was the old fashioned way, but it was too slow for my liking, so a few blasts in the microwave got the job done. While it was melting I started on the coco pops. I poured some of the toffee sauce in and mixed it together to make it a bit more solid.

I poured the chocolate into my tinfoil-lined loaf tin and added some of the toffee-coco pop mix on top then whacked it in the freezer, just in time for Two and a Half men! After about 20 minutes I took it out of the freezer and added the rest of the crispy mix and spread it out evenly.

I then squeezed a long line of toffee sauce in the middle of the mix, and put it back in the freezer. Spongebob Time!

I now had to put the rest of the chocolate on top, so it was melted and placed on top. put back in the freezer once more...Time for How It's Made!...

...But disaster struck! I completely forgot about the sides of the bar! And I had run out of chocolate. A quick phonecall to the boyfriend fixed that problem, and I was able to coat the bar, albeit poorly

After much stress over the appearance of the bar I realised the bar had a more Toffee Crisp shape if it was upside down, so I turned it over, which although compromised the bar, made it look much more authentic. A quick move from the chocolate covered plate to a tinfoil-lined lasagne box and the Upside Down Tffee Crisp was complete!

I didn't even bother working out the calories, but each bar of chocolate had about 500 calories and I used 7 of them!

I'm not completely satisfied with the appearance of it, but it tastes like a Toffee Crisp, which is all that matters to me!

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