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While things were getting cool in the freezer, we raised the temperature by melting more chocolate. On applying the second layer of chocolate, we quickly discovered the trick was to fill in the sides first then quickly cover the minty cream before it attempted to escape or mix with the chocolate, then back in to the freezer for a final crisp up before the big reveal. Brace yourselves.

Over to the graffiti expert for the authentic black and gold wrapper. First we copied the two registered trademarks with great precision onto the black card. Then filled it in with pure liquid gold. Bling-a-ling!

The final product was removed from the freezer, the cling film carefully peeled off and it was slipped into its wrapper.

Clearly in every way superior to its tiny namesake, and for comparison:

An After Eight that would satisfy even the most demanding gangsta rapper. Biggie would have been proud.

Having had so much fun the first time around we decided why not? And, sho’ nuff, made another.

With a short interlude for hefty black bean tortillas (all that kitchen work makes you one hungry son of a bee-atch) we then finished off the dinner party in the best way known to man, with an Ultim-Eight.

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