Turbo Boost
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Once the mixture has hardened up (not rock solid but kind of play-doh consistency) then remove it from the bottle and mould it into shape. Pour the nuked toffee over this mix covering it. Place it in the fridge again.

Lastly for the molecular bonded shell. Melt the rest of the chocolate (You might wanna have some spare. We had a bag of buttons which we used some of but when we were done there was some chocolate left over) and then pour it over. Whack this in the fridge to harden. At this interval you could take the opportunity to watch Wrestlemania 22 on DVD cos whatcha gonna do while it is setting and pimpmania has run wild on you!! Ahem.

Once it is hardened then take it out the fridge and cover the bottom in toffee and chocolate. For accuracy, as any good pimp should have, use a fork and create the zig zag pattern on the bottom and then it's back in the fridge to harden up. Leave it overnight and take yourselves out for a nice Thai meal to congratulate yourself on a job well done. The next day, throw a BBQ and invite some of your closest snacking friends to enjoy your creation.

Then reveal the Turbo Boost in all it's glory with suitable props for sizing comparison, slice (photo) and enjoy. Remember, one man can make a difference. (Ok, one man and his girlfriend. It just doesn't have the same ring to it) This was brought to you by Adam and Frances - lone crusaders in a dangerous world. The world of the Snack Pimpers.

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