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As an impoverished student (honest!) I stumbled across this website with the aim of spreading the word of this wonderful “Pimpage”, in the hope that all students out there will begin to do something productive with their free mornings/ afternoons/ days (!), instead of watching mind-numbing daytime TV!

So I thought and hard about what snack I could pimp that would be both delicious and not ridiculously impossible to make… then it hit me like a giant custard cream across the face! What is the perfect, no, the ONLY snack that effectively breaks the barrier between the biscuit and the chocolate bar? And can be eaten at any time of day without being stared at by the little-uns in the biscuit tin? That’s right – a Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer!

Now onto the ingredients…

You’ll need: 3 bags of toffee = 90p
400g of chocolate = 96p
2 packs of 48 ice cream wafers = 76p
Greaseproof paper (already had some)
Some Tunnock’s Caramel wafers (for reference)
Wrapper design + Adobe photoshop + time/ patience = priceless!

I laid out the first layer of wafers onto the greaseproof paper, and measured it – just to be sad! (and get the all important statistics for comparison at the end of the pimp!)

The, I unwrapped 3 bags of toffees and melted them down in a glass bowl, over a pan of boiling water (tip: add a tablespoon of water to the toffees to help them melt quicker). My mum even suggested chewing them first to get them going, but luckily adding the water worked…

Then it was a race against time, to construct the monster, by sandwiching the toffee in between the layers of wafer, ensuring that every other layer is laid lengthways rather than widthways.

After many many layers later, I put the beast onto a tray and into the fridge it went (at an angle!)

While I waited for the toffee to harden, I set to work on the wrapper…

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