Toffee Pop Daddy
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Once melted, we poured the Toffee onto The Daddy and placed it back in the fridge to set. (Sugar Cake Mama Mrs Large would like to mention at this point that putting finger into hot melted Toffee causes 3rd degree burns to finger and is not advisable)

We placed the chocolate into a pan to melt it. Unfortunately we burnt it, and despite several rescue attempts it had turned into concrete-like smegma. The chocolate had been assassinated, the shops were shut and it looked as though all was lost. The Notorious P.I.G’s limo driver had been waiting outside for too long and there was nothing left to do but smuggle The Toffee Pop Daddy passed the paparazzi into the night. The Toffee Pop Daddy would live to fight another day…

The Toffee Pop Daddy was taken into hiding at Big Dog’s Crib where Big Dog’s Mum (aka Grand Mama Flash) was on hand to show The Notorious P.I.G how real chocolate melting was done.

The melted chocolate was spread on in sections, we left the last bar until the end to completely cover The Pop and created the waves with a pallet knife.
Presenting Toffee Pop Daddy featuring ‘Lil Pop.

The Toffee Pop Daddy was so hard that it required sawing with an electric carving knife for the cross section but The Brighton Massive won over in the end. True Dat.

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