Toffee Crisp
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Moving through the list of snacks to pimp, we come now to the snacktastically fantastic treat, the Toffee Crisp.

For this you will need:

3 x 400g chocolate bars (£4.62)
Dairy Toffees (49p)
Sainsburys own brand 'rice pops' (£1.28)
Grease-proof Paper (£1.49)
A suitably pimp-sized pan (£3.49)
Toffee Crisp for inspiration and comparison (19p, one of a multipack of 6 for £1.12)

After agonizing for quite some time about the best type of toffee-like substance to use, it was decided that regular toffees, melted down into a volcanic goo, would be the best for this project.

A calamitous choice was made with the chocolate. As some of you will know, different kinds of chocolate do not always lend themselves to being melted down. Unfortunately we'd bought the slightly more expensive Sainsburys variety which was a mistake. As soon as it heats up, it begins to separate and dry out. In a frantic panic, we added a bit of milk and whisked the struggling chocolate back into viscous life.

After this we took some of it and mixed it into the Rice Krispies Rice Pops (which, for trademark reasons, made snaff, crapple, and plop noises ) and created a lovely crispy chocolate centre.

After a quick initial layer of chocolate, the toffee was added. Then as much of the crispy mix as possible went on top, followed by the remainder of the melted chocolate.

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