Toffee Crisp
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We still had an awful lot of crispy chocolate mix left over, and it just so happened that I decided to pick up several bars of cheap white chocolate while at Sainsburys. Can you guess what I'm thinking?

One caserole dish later.

7 or 8 bars of melted while chocolate.

And we have one mother of a pimped Rice Crispie cake. Huge amounts of rice-poppin' goodness on the inside, with a seriously delicious white chocolate exterior.

By the powers and lack of additives in the cheapest white chocolate on the market, the melting and freezing process goes without a hitch, leaving us with the biggest, pimpiest crispie cake you ever did see.

An initial taste test of this confirms that this was a very wise impromtu pimp and an excellently economical use of excess materials from the primary pimp effort. Wooyeah!

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