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It was then that disaster struck. After a couple of hours of cooling in the freezer, it became apparent that the problems with the chocolate, followed by the addition of milk only served to make the chocolate very very squishy. As such, even after a good 10 hours in the freezer, this didn't go rock solid as hoped.

Nevertheless, we pulled it out:

And then painstakingly stripped away the outer layer of greaseproof paper, the use of which turned out to be decidedly unwise given the stickyness of the unset chocolate.

Still, when compared with a regular Toffee Crisp, this is one monster of a pimp.

Here is the mandatory but very impressive-looking cross-section. Desite the decidedly soft chocolate exterior, the insides the Crisp definitely look the part. An initial taste test confirms that the crispy centre combined with the supreme level of dairy toffee makes for an extremely delicious snack.



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