Toffee Crisp 2
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For six teenagers, on a Saturday night there’s nothing better than all getting together to create a giant chocolate bar.

After many suggestions, some worse than others (for example ‘a giant sandwich’ and ‘a really big milkshake’…) we all decided on a Toffee Crisp.

You can imagine the strange looks a group of rouge (yet handsome) looking 18 year olds got whilst speeding down ASDA aisles with a trolley full of rice krispies, chocolate and wearthers originals.

The trolley consisted of:
4 x Werthers Original (150g)
4 x ASDA Milk Chocolate Flavoured Cake Covering (300g)
3 x ASDA Milk Chocolate (400g)
1 x ASDA Crispy Rice Cereal

Total = £9.29

The plan was to heat the chocolate together, spread some of the chocolatey goop around the base and the sides of the plastic container. Spread the Werthers Originals on the bottom of the container, then mix the rest of the chocolate with the ‘Crispy Rice Cereal’, pour it in and Voila!

We start the menial task of unwrapping thousands of Werthers Originals (we turned it into a race so it was slightly more fun).We then broke the chocolate up into singular pieces (again, we raced) And poured the rice crispies out (no race this time)

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