The Rubik Cake
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I am a fan of the Rubik cube. I first got a cube as a 12 year old in England back in 1980 and have been hooked ever since. At my local pub there was a competition for the gentlemen who were regulars to bake a cake. The prize would be awarded on presentation, creativity and taste.
It was my wife's idea to combine my love of the cube with cake making and so was born - The Rubik Cake.

I decided on a simple Victoria sponge cake covered with coloured icing sugar.

9 eggs
18oz butter
18oz self raising flour
18oz caster sugar
1 jar apricot jam
2 boxes of royal icing
1 black liquid coloring
1 red liquid coloring
1 blue liquid coloring
1 yellow liquid coloring
Box of icing sugar

Total cost: £11.94

I only had one tin which was suitable. I decided that I needed three layers, each being 120mm by 38mm to form my cube. The extra 6mm came in the form of two 3mm fillings. I made the cake mixture using the normal Victoria sponge method. Of course each layer took an hour, with mixing cooking and cooling.

After 3 hours I had 3 layers suitable for my cube layers.

This was a tricky bit. I had to make sure that each layer was perfectly square. I made a template with a piece of paper and cut the edges off.

Next was the height. This was going to be hard. For the perfect cube look I needed the three pieces to be exactly the same. Luckily the icing sugar box was 38mm high so I used that as a guide.

Three matching pieces.

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