The Last Rolo
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Total calories: 15,975 (ideal for break up/remote mountain survival!)

Firstly get over your Friday night hangover (around 3pm for me on this occasion) and realise that the drunken promise to pimp a snack the night before is about to come true (yes its scary!).

Gather the ingredients from your local supermarket:

pat of butter(250g)
pot of cream(250mls)
sack of sugar (750g)
pile of chocolate 10 bars (x 200g).

Melt the butter, cream and sugar with a dash of water.

Cook till soft toffee stage (note emergency use of bigger pan!).

Pour the soft toffee in to your mould i.e. plant pot, (we plunged it into cool water as it is effin hot!).

Set in fridge for a while (go to pub then return).

(and start intricacies!) We made a shape out of cardboard, takes less time and hassle when sober (assumption) but everything seems easier when tipsy.

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