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The Big BIG Purple One

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After careful consideration we have decided that Quality Streets just aren’t good enough anymore, so we made it better!!! We had found that ‘The Big Purple One’ was disappointingly small so decided to make a ‘Big BIG Purple One’! ( Also there Weren’t many snacks left that hadn’t already been pimped ) .


– 2 x Packets of hazelnut kernals ( we only used one bag in the end )
– 4 x 250 g bars of cadbury dairy milk
– Lots of granulated sugar
– 1 pot of fresh single cream
– ( 3 x Big purple ones for analysing and comparison shots )

Firstly , we made a mould to make our purple one dome shaped , we made this out of a puffed wheat packet. This took some cutting and sellotaping . We then lined the mould with clingfilm to stop it sticking as this is all we could find.

Next we melted down two of the bars of chocolate to make the basic shell . we poured this into our mould and kept rotating it infront of an open freezer to set it quicker. We left it in the fridge for an hour to set.

Meanwhile we started on the caramel. We didnt know how to make caramel so we found a recipe on the internet. The measurements where half and half sugar and water.

This was the perfect opportunity for a beer break which was splendid and really hit the spot .
(we could easily have written a whole column on beer alone ).

After it had reached the boil it started to turn golden brown in colour and so was done. To this we added heated cream ( to stop the caramel from going hard and crunchy ) and stirred it all together.

Then we added the hazelnuts to this mix and poured it into our chocolate mould.

We left the BBPO in the fridge for a few days because we were tired from all our efforts. Also this gave the caramel a chance to solidify. At this stage we cleared up for the day and washing up was a hassle as we had burnt the caramel pan . The lesson – use a heavy based pan.

When we came back to the project we melted the remaining two bars of chocolate and poured it onto the underside of the BBPO , we left this to set in the fridge for a couple of hours. Then cut around the rim with a hot knife to tidy it up and remove the excess chocolate. We ate this of coarse.

At this stage we removed the BBPO from the mould and placed it on a tray to admire.

We were impressed with our efforts but decided that it needed a wrapper to be complete. Fortunately we just happened to have some purple cellophane , we lined this with tin foil ,wrapped it around our beautiful creation ,twisted the ends and voila!!!

Finally we have included the measurements and weights for you ,aswel as the obligatory cheesy comparison shots (there were many because we were so proud of it ) . Enjoy ! ( please note that due to the richness of the final product ,it is best enjoyed with icecream…….. and possibly friends , if you feel like sharing that is.)

Standard purple one ( from a box of quality streets ) -Length(without wrapper) : 4 cm ,Height(w wrapper) : 2 cm ,Weight: 8g or 1/2 oz
big BIG Purple one – Length (without wrapper) : 24 cm , Height(without wrapper) : 11 cm , Weight :2500 g or 2 and 3/4 lb or 45 oz


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