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Super Sweet Sugar Mouse

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Cost: Approximately £6.50 (string not included – we already had string)


1. We wanted to pimp a snack in honour of a friend, who was extremely
good at pimping snacks (please see Jumbo Angle Slice), we also just
wanted to make a giant sugar mouse. We chose to use fondant icing
(although with hindsight we probably should have used rolling icing),
originally we thought we’d make it pink, but in the end went for the
more traditional (?) white.

2. We sieved the icing and added 3 tbsp of water, and then just a dash
more… We then mixed it until it formed a thick paste (this was
exhausting). It was really hard to get the right consistency as it
kept just getting sticky and wouldn’t hold any shapes, still we got

3. We made a mouse shaped mould from strips of card and staples and
filled it with the sugar paste. This type of icing has a ‘gloss
finish’ we found this caused a lot of oozing and trouble in shaping
our mouse – but we just kept going, with more staples..

4. We then rolled out more icing to start work on building up a more
round shape for the body and the head.

5. Having left the mouse in the fridge overnight in an attempt to stop
the ooze of the icing we then unwrapped our creation to finish work on
it. We carved out a more mousey shape, and used the off cuts to build
it higher and make it more mousey.

6. Add tail and cute little face (in pen, sorry) and hooray! a giant
sugar mouse. It is genuinely really really sweet!


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