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Pimp That Snack has fabulous, tasty, yummy snacks mostly surrounded by chocolately goodness. May I introduce the Super Scone. The premise is to make one mega monster of a scone. For this pimp adventure, we needed:

Lots of sultanas
Loads of self-raising flour
Caster sugar
Butter – but I don’t like, so used Sainsbury’s Olive Spread – very yummy!
Pinch of salt
Jar of Strawberry jam
Elmlea Whipping Cream
For added bling - Designer icing and decorations
Total cost approx £5.53

Step One

Grab your bag of flour and empty it into your mixing bowl, along with the salt and rub in the butter. Next to stir in is the heart and soul of a scone … the sultanas! Splosh they go, along with the caster sugar and milk. My aim was for a nice sticky dough at this point but it wasn’t to be … luckily for me, I could call upon an expert in all things that are pimp …. the PimpDaddy himself ? Yaaaay, the Pimpdaddy helped by adding in more flour (although at this point, we only had plain flour so I was concerned it wouldn’t rise!). He worked his muscles on the sheer mass of ingredients and received a reward of a nice cuppa.

Step Two

Thanks to PimpDaddy we now have decent dough to roll out as wide as our largest baking tray would allow!

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