Super Scone
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Step three

The baking tray was greased and ready to receive the delight of doughness. A splash of milk on top to finish off and into the oven for 25 minutes whilst we have a brew.

Step four

A nice aroma of yummy doughness engulfs us as we open the oven to receive the new arrival. Hmmmmm. Okay, so the milk ran a little (I need a milk brush please!) but otherwise, looking okay and we leave it to cool off for a while. Came back a while later and ouchy, perhaps needs some more time to cool down.

Step five

Next step is to slice the beast in half and add the yummy extras. Spoonful after spoonful of Strawberry Jam is piled onto the bottom half. Whipping up the Elmlea cream it seems very runny and I’ve made a mistake … should have gone for the squirty cream – more fun, tastes yummy and way easier! Despite this, the pimping must go on ….. Awww just look at the cute baby scone….certainly feeling intimidated now by the giant beside him.

Step six

The sheer size of the Super Scone makes it look bare and I feel it needs a finishing touch. Using tweezers, shiny bling balls and a lot of patience combined with the icing … here is the final dressed Super Scone. All we need now is a supersized bucket of tea!

Mmmmm it tastes pretty yummy although I’m not sure if we can polish it off!

Edit: We finished it off within 3 days. :)

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