Sugar Daddy Mouse
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Step six – We added an extra half an egg white at this point and some more icing sugar. Eventually after much swearing, grunting and not so gentle persuasion we now had a pink lump that was then manhandled into a roughly rounded shape.

Step seven – after realising we didn’t have any parchment; cling film was the only alternative. Sadly the weight of the mixture meant that the mouse flattened as we added the decoration until it ended up looking a bit like road kill.

Step eight – due to the lack of available sugar mice, or even a white chocolate mouse in Woolworths pick n mix selection (I was disappointed) we had to resort to a fork to give a size indication. Behold the sugar daddy mouse.

Step nine – with the remaining half an egg white we made enough mixture to make several smaller mice – the children of the sugar daddy. These are pinker than the original as even less care was used in the adding of colour. My helper insisted on making his into a mouse-stegosaurus hybrid by the addition of chocolate buttons.

Step ten – leave for 24 hours in warm dry place, then keep in air tight container or eat everything and run around on sugar high, followed by visit to dentist.

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