Squiggle (over the) Top
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A tendency/necessity to spend our days at work trawling the internet for hilarious websites led us to PimpThatSnack.com

A combined fondness for candy and not overly ambitious but well executed projects led us to partake of the snack pimping process.

Firstly we needed a snack. We noted that the majority of snacks on the site were of an international nature, yet we decided to go with a kiwi classic: the Squiggle.

Squiggles (sometimes mistakenly referred to as Squiggle Tops) are a delicious combination of biscuit, icing, hokey pokey pieces (honeycomb), and chocolate - blurring the lines between cookie and confectionary.

With our goal set, we started.

The Ingredients:

Cookie dough (flour, sugar, butter, baking soda, baking powder, eggs)
250ml cream
2 Crunchy bars
700g white chocolate buttons
700g milk chocolate buttons
Yellow food colouring

$22NZD =~£8.65

Oven tray size restrictions resulted in the decision to bake two identical, still giant but not super giant, squiggles. Nothing too exciting here.

For the delicious centre we used a white chocolate ganache, with a touch of colouring.

Hokey pokey. We cheated. We hacked up crunchy bars. So what. Calm down.

Chocolate coating. Pretty self explanatory.

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